How do you feel about MTA Bailout passed by state lawmakers?
2009-05-06 22:26:21 UTC
According to NY1, New York state law make approved to bailout MTA.
How do you guys feel about this?

Under MTA Bailout, here is list.
10% average fare increase in 2009.
Single ride will cost $2.25 and a 30-Day unlimited MetroCards will be $89.
Two more fare hikes in 2011 and 2013.
No service cuts.
No layoffs.
Every taxi ride will cost additional 50 cents, bring the base fare to $3.
A 25% to 30% fee increase for driver`s licences and learnet`s permits.
A $25 fee on all vehicle registrations and registration renewals.
A $5% sales-tax increase on car rentals.
Employees hit with a tax of 34 cent for every $100 of payroll.
Three answers:
2009-05-07 02:07:00 UTC
i dont think anybody really likes it, but its a lot better than $2.50 that they were planning on raising the fare to.
2009-05-07 05:21:27 UTC
I think it's a pretty good compromise, but any permanent/sustainable transportation plan needs to include East/Harlem River bridge tolls and congestion pricing.
2016-12-11 12:08:30 UTC
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